What Is Chronic Sinus Infection

Monday 26 May 2014 @ 9:47 am

There are two types of sinus infection. It could be acute or chronic and among the two, more people get afflicted with the chronic sinus infection.

The difference between chronic and acute sinus infection is the fact that this can last for 12 weeks or longer and this can recur once you get better. An acute sinus infection is gone after a week.

Common causes for chronic sinus infection include allergies, airborne fungus, nasal or sinus obstructions, trauma to the face, certain medical conditions and respiratory tract infections.

As a result, some of the symptoms that most people feel include headaches, congestion, difficulty breathing, reduced sense of smell, ear pain, fatigue, cough, nausea, sore throat and aching in the upper jaw or teeth.

Since you probably tried already to self medicate yourself without any positive results, the doctor is your only hope to make it go away.

After reviewing your medical history, some test will need to be done such as an MRI, CT scan, nasal endoscopy, extracting nasal or sinus cultures and an allergy test.

An MRI or CT scan is similar to an X-ray machine because they can show details of your sinus and nasal area without inserting anything into your body.

If this is needed, the doctor will have to do a nasal endoscopy by putting a thin, flexible tube with fiber optic light up your nose to see what is happening inside.

Not many people like that because it is like putting a similar tube up your anus. If possible, they will give a nasal or sinus sample instead so this can be checked.

If your doctor has not yet determined the exact cause of the chronic sinus infection, you may be referred to another specialist especially if he or she suspects that this is caused by an allergy so they can conduct an allergy test.

Once the results come in, the doctor will probably prescribe some antibiotics until you are free of the symptoms. To deal with the inflammation and swelling in the nasal cavity, you will be prescribed a corticosteroid. If this doesn’t work, then you will probably try antihistamines, decongestants and expectorants.

The doctor may also try moisture or humidification to help flush the nasal cavity and loosen the dried mucus. Should the chronic sinus infection be caused by an allergy, it can be treated with immunotherapy. A method designed to stimulate the antibodies that block the body’s reactions to a specific allergy.

Chronic sinus infection can be prevented and the steps that you take are not that different when you are suffering from an acute sinus infection. You just have got to practice proper hygiene, get flu shots once a year, stay away from people who have colds as it is a contagious illness, limit your drinking, keep yourself hydrated at all times, buy a humidifier and avoid being in polluted areas or around people who smoke.

Should you already have chronic sinus infection, just follow the instructions of the doctor and update him or her on any progress.

Chronic sinus infection is no joke. Just to give you an idea of how serious it is, over 30 to 40 million Americans get it every year. If you don’t want to be another person added to the statistics, do what is needed so you are always healthy.


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Overview Of The Causes And Treatments Of Sinus Infection

Friday 23 May 2014 @ 10:27 am

A general understanding about the likely causes of sinus infections and knowing the signs and symptoms of sinusitis would be very helpful for avoiding and preventing as well as treating sinus infections.

There are many possible causes of sinus infections which are neither bacterial nor viral. However, most sinus problems occurred when there is common cold which sometimes we call it viral influenza. Usually, this brings about nasal congestion which restricts the flowing of the mucus leading to the inflammation of the nasal membrances resulting sinus infection. Therefore, when common cold has been healed within a short period of few days to a week, it has caused the inflammation of the sinus and hence, sinus infection is inflicted.

At times, sinus infection can be caused by poor quality environment and condition when there are excessive dust particles, pollen or irritants. The allergy towards these irritants causes the building up of the mucus and when there is too much of the mucus which becomes thick, nasal congestion takes place causing the eventual sinus infection. For asthma patients, the likelihood of catching sinus infection is much higher due to the swollen nasal polyps inside the nose.

Besides, certain activities in the outdoor are causing some people to experience sinus problems. Scuba diving and traveling by plane are known to be such causes for sinus infection due to the pressure on the sinus. Other times, some side effects of some medications may bring about congestion in the nasal passage leading to nasal congestion. Likewise, it has been widely known that sinus infections can also happen whenever we are stressed. To prove the point, one such condition known as vasomotor rhinitis shows that stress does cause excessive swelling and mucus production. Although very rare, you can get a sinus infection from disease teeth because the maxillary sinus in the cheekbone becomes infected by the root of a diseased upper tooth.

There are many kinds of treatments for sinus infections. However, it is important to know the underlying causes of sinus problems that lead to sinus pains such as headaches.

For conventional sinus infection medicine, there are antibiotics, antihistamines, decongestants, leokitrienes and mucolytics as well as steriods. Whereas if you are looking for effective home remedies to treat sinus infection, there are methods using nasal saline irrigation and steam inhalation.

For best effectiveness, antihistamines are used if sinus infection is caused by an allegy. Other times, decongestants are being recommended for relieving of nasal congestion, nasal pressure and nasal swelling by reducing blood flow to the membrances that in turn will improve air flow, lessen breathing through the mouth, decrease pressure in the sinus and head as well as ease discomfort.

Leokotrienes are anti-inflammatory prescription drugs that are used to prevent inflammation in the airway and sinus cavities. It has been proven useful in helping patients who have sinus infections due to asthma. The side effects associated with this drug include dryness of the nasal passages, headaches, bleeding, crusting, upset stomach and skin rashes. The doctor may also recommend the use of mucolytics. This is also used in treating cough because it destroys or dissolves mucus which makes it difficult for the person to breathe. These are available in tablet or liquid form. You can also inhale it when this is placed inside a nebulizer.

In using home remedies to combat sinus infection at home, one well known way is by steam inhalation. This method is by taking in steam from a vaporizer or a container of hot water that can provide immediate relief by decongestioning the blockage.of nasal passage so that the mucus can flow out of the sinus cavity. The other well known method in home remedies is by nasal saline irrigatrion. This is a commonly used method by sinus sufferers to clear and flush out the thick mucus from the sinus cavities by saline solution using a sinus irrigator

Treatment of sinus infections differ according to the types of sinus infections and the possible casuses these infections. In the many diversed ways to treat sinus infections, we would recommend and review the best medicine for sinus infection so that the treatment for sinus infection is effective.

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